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The Anime and Manga Society is for those interested in Anime, Manga or anything Japanese related. Whether you are an experienced Anime fan or someone who has only just started or the inbetween, there will be something for everyone. It is a great chance to meet like-minded people, and everyone is welcome.    

What we do: Every Monday (18:00-21:00 EB.2.88*) and Wednesday (16:00 - 19:00 EB.2.88*) we come together to watch an anime chosen by the society. We watch a variety of genres, ranging from Comedy to Horror, from Action to Slice of Life etc. We also play a variety of games (Super Smash Bros Ultimate, DragonBall Fighterz, My Hero’s Justice, etc.) for an hour, as well as having a different activities such as Anime Based Card games (YU-GI-OH, Weib Schwarz, Pokemon)

We also do skill based fun like drawing sessions, origami, quizzes etc.

On top of the weekly activities, the society does other events throughout the year such as:

- MCM Comic Con London: MCM Comic Con London takes place at the end of May and October. It's always hosted in the Excel centre, which is just a few train stops from the Docklands campus.

Tournaments: Have to urge to show your skills in your favourite anime related video game. Participate in our tournaments and demonstrate that you are the best in the society

Cinema Visits : Wanting to go and see the newest anime movie; don't know anyone to go with. Don’t worry, as a society, we host trips to the cinema that shows the newest anime movies so we can all share in the fun

Meals and Drinking: Going out, and having a meal and/or a drink is one way of the society and everyone to bond. We strive to go to a variety of Japanese styled restaurants or cafes and experience as much as we can around London. The last restaurant visited was; Kintan Japanese BBQ in Oxford Circus  
Quizzes: Nothing says "I am the biggest anime fan" than winning an anime-themed quiz. Members are put in random teams and then compete in order to win the title "Biggest anime fan". The quizzes can vary from trivia about different animes, or guess the theme song etc.

Joint Events With Other Societies: Occasionally, the Anime and Manga Society will have a joint events with other societies, where we all go out for meals and playing games together.   

Parties and Cosplay Events: We have cosplay themed events with our lovely members that make their own cosplay. Everyone is welcome to join our cosplay events, be it a fully made cosplay or just partial.

We give advice and help those that need help with their cosplay or are creating their very first cosplay.

And so much more!   

*Room location and/or time could change. Check Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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