societies and student groups

Want to start a new student group?

Great! This is a great way to make friends for a lifetime and build your network for your professional development! Creating a student group is simple and easy, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Come up with a great idea for a new student group and complete the registration form

Before completing the form you' will need at least two other students who want to run the student group with you and some clear aims for the purpose of your group. 

Step 2: Your registration form will be reviewed and you will receive an approval emailing tell you your society has been accepted or some useful feedback to improve your application so it can be approved. We review new registrations every two weeks, so please wait a couple of weeks for our reply. 

Step 3: Attend committee training, to meet your staff support for running your groups and learn how to run your activities and events. 


Useful information for registration approval 

To help your with your new student group idea and how groups are approved, you can view the criteria approval list below:

  • The application must be made by a current University of East London student.
  • A new society’s core activities do not overlap with an existing society and do not conflict with the Students’ Unions values.
  • The group must be open to all University of East London students.
  • The group is not a competitive sport recognised by BUCS or Sport England (these should be referred to the Sports Department), with exceptions for a limited range of sports which there are no safety/ funding issues e.g. Social Sports.
  • The group does not replicate a current service offered by the University or Students’ Union. 
  • There are three individual current students to take the three committee positions of President, Finance Officer and Events and Admin Officer (shared positions are not allowed).
  • The group must be sustainable for future years.
  • The group is not constituted or governed by an external body.
  • The activity is covered under the Students’ Union’s public liability insurance. Enquiries can be made to the Activities and Events Coordinator if the student group is unsure.