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It is that time again! We are excited to launch the Students’ Union awards. It is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the best of the University of East London. It is a great opportunity to thank University academic and professional staff for their hard work to create a great student experience. Nominations for this year's awards are now closed. You can see the winners here!

Staff awards

The staff awards celebrate our academic and professional staff. These are the people who have gone above and beyond to help you. The awards and the criteria can be found below.

Best academic advisor
Your academic advisor might be the reason you got through the year. This award goes to the best advisor who has helped you produce your best work, encouraged you when you needed it, and pushed you outside of your comfort zone.

Best professional staff
There are many staff at UEL that make a difference and impact your lives. These could the people behind the catering, maintenance, SportsDock, The Hub, etc. It’s time they got a thank you. This award is for someone who went beyond their job and provided support and guidance when you needed it. 

Most effective supervisor
Getting through your final year project, dissertation or thesis can be hard work. It’s where an outstanding supervisor can help provide support and advice that develop you to achieve your potential. Nominate your supervisor if they were pivotal to your project and development.

Most effective feedback
The only way to pass your course is with helpful and clear feedback. This award is for a lecturer or postgraduate student lecturer who has provided constructive feedback that has helped you improve your work or directed you to further resources to help you develop your knowledge.

Most creative teacher
This award goes to the lecturer that has tried innovative, creative or imaginative methods to teach a topic. They go beyond delivering a PowerPoint presentation and encourage you to learn in a new way.

Outstanding teacher of the year
There are times when a lecturer goes all out to make sure you understand the topic. This award is for an exceptional lecturer or postgraduate student lecturer who inspired you with their passion and love for the topic.

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