academic advice

Course engagement and attendance 

The University of East London has an Engagement and Attendance Policy for all students on all courses. The aim of the policy is to make sure that you get the most out of your experience at UEL.

The University monitors your attendance for classes with a swipe card system. You will need to swipe your student ID card for each lecture or class, which means you will always need to have your student ID on you. If you think your attendance has been incorrectly recorded, you should visit the Hub ( or 020 8223 4444) to try and resolve this.

If your overall attendance drops due to repeated absences this will raise a cause for concern. You will receive warning emails that your attendance is low. These would normally be sent your student email address, which you should check regularly.

You should comply with instructions in these warnings. In some cases, you could be withdrawn from your module or course if no action is taken on your part. If this happens, you should seek further advice from us by completing our contact form.

COVID-19 implications:

In response to COVID-19, the University of East London has adopted a dual-delivery approach so that students are able to attend classes safely. Schools will monitor student attendance using different approaches. Therefore, we recommend that during this time, students should follow the individual guidance provided to them by their School on how to register their attendance.

I have received an email telling me that my attendance is low

You should comply with instructions in these warnings. You may be asked to meet with your academic adviser and come up with a plan to improve your attendance. If you think your attendance has been incorrectly recorded, you should contact the Hub ( or 020 8223 4444) to try and resolve this.

I have been withdrawn from my module/course due to lack of attendance. What can I do?

If you are withdrawn for lack of attendance you should get in touch with us by filling out the contact form.

There is currently no formal appeal procedure, but we will be able to discuss your reasons for your low attendance record and liaise with the Student Engagement and Retention Team on your behalf. Once you have been withdrawn from your module/course, the decision to be reinstated lies with your course leader.
The Student Engagement and Retention Team will work with your course leader to discuss this further.

I am an international student and I have received a low attendance email/been withdrawn from my course/module due to my low attendance

If you are an international student and have received a low attendance warning email or been withdrawn due to low attendance, as well as communicating with the University as instructed in the emails you have received, it will also be important to make contact with the International Compliance Team or International Student Advice as soon as possible and tell them what has happened.

The University has statutory obligations to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to ensure all enrolled international (Tier 4) students are fully attending. Lack of attendance may have a serious impact on your visa.

Tier 4 students who do not comply with the Engagement and Attendance Policy risk being withdrawn from their course. The University will then report to UKVI as this is in line with the University’s compliance responsibilities as a Tier 4 sponsor. Reporting a withdrawal to UKVI will normally result in a cancellation of their visa for Tier 4 students.

I am worried about what will happen to my student finances if I am withdrawn.

We strongly advise that if you are to be withdrawn from either your course or specific modules you should contact the Student Money, Advice and Rights Team (SMART) via the Hub (or 020 8223 4444) as any withdrawal will have tuition fee/Student Finance implications.

What should I do if I want to leave or take a break from my course?

What should I do if I need to miss one or more of my classes?

If you experience difficulties with attending classes, turning up on time, staying to the end of classes or engaging with any other aspect of your studies, please raise this straight away with your academic adviser, module or course leader. If you require an extended period of absence from your studies, or for any reasons you feel unable to continue with your existing timetable, please speak to your academic adviser, course leader, or contact the Hub, where they will direct you to the right advice and support. They may talk to you about the possibility of taking a break from your studies, so that you are able to return to the University when you are in a better position to engage with your course.