How does a Students' Union work?

Students' unions in the UK are by definition member-led organisations that strive to reflect what all students at an institution feel about their education, experience and equality of opportunity. 

With a full-time student officer team elected by students on an annual basis, the University of East London's Student Union is no different and seeks to excel in innovating the most responsive and efficient means to gain student opinion.  Student views are gained from discussion with students, research, general meetings and the elected representatives; the commitment to democratic grass-roots direction is clear.

These views are then translated into action - be it lobbying the University, local borough or Government, a mobilised campaign, or simply convincing someone of the relevance of the student view, we seek to change the world for the good of our members - the students of the University of East London.

Should you wish to learn more about our democracy, check out our constitution and bye-laws, as well as the policies passed at previous meetings and the elections

Examples of the outcomes of these policies have seen higher quality food on campus, environmental action, anonymous marking, a university that proudly states that it campaigns for the london living wage, and against pay-day loan companies taking advantage of you.