student representation

Student representation

‘Representation’ is a word you will hear often but does anyone know what it means?

For the University of East London Students’ Union, it means we want both your academic and overall student experience to be the best it can be. To achieve this, we work to pinpoint areas that could be better. Every step we take to improve these areas involves gathering evidence to make sure our students’ voices are heard at every stage.

We then create positive change through presenting evidence and leading discussions at university committee meetings, and harnessing student voices through high-profile campaigns.

Students can take an active role in this drive for positive change. You could become a course rep, part-time school rep, or full-time student officer. Or you could participate by sharing your experiences through our focus groups, surveys, workshops, and events.


If you want to find out more about our representation work including how to become a course rep, contact our policy team