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Halls of Residence

We offer a range of advice to Halls of Residence students:

General information

Registering with a doctor and help with healthcare costs

TV Licensing

Contacting a Residential Life Scholar

In emergencies

Issues and complaints

Antisocial behaviour


Moving rooms

Making a complaint



Registering with a doctor and help with healthcare costs

When you first move into Halls you should register with a local General Practitioner (GP) as soon as possible. Student Health and Wellbeing can help you to register with a local GP.

You may also want to consider registering yourself with an NHS dentist as well as an optometrist as this might also need those services while living in Halls.

You can find a list of local health services at the NHS Choices website.

Help with healthcare costs

We also recommend you complete a HC1 form to help with health costs such as NHS dentist fees and prescriptions.

Students in full-time education who are under the age of 19 are automatically entitled to full help with health costs.

Students aged 19 and over entering higher education generally have access to their own resources and are no longer classed as dependent children.  They can apply to the Low Income Scheme, using form HC1, the same as all other adults to see if they qualify for help.  

You can order a HC1 form from this link, pick one up from Student Life, or you can usually pick one up from a local pharmacy.

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TV Licensing

If you choose to have a TV and want to receive live broadcast television on it, or if you watch live broadcast television on any device when living in Halls then it is your responsibility to apply and pay for your own TV licence.

Please note that a TV Licence is required for each bedroom/kitchen and inspectors do come to the Halls during the year. Please ask at a Post Office for a TV Licence application form or follow the link TV Licensing for further information.

If you have a TV but you only use it for gaming or watching DVD’s, you may not need a TV License. You should make sure at this link.

You may be entitled to a refund for the time that you don’t use your license after you move out. You can read more about this here.

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Contacting a Residential Life Scholar

What is a Residential Life Scholar

Residential Life Scholars (RLS’s) are second or third year students who have lived in Halls previously and are employed by the Residential Life Team  to be a point of contact for the residents. They provide a friendly face who can liaise with the Residential Life team on your behalf so if you have any questions, concerns or feedback for the team please get in touch with your Scholar.

The RLS also puts up/takes down posters in kitchens, communal hallways and at the block entrance. They also help the Residential Life team plan and host events.

There are ten Residential Life Scholars, one for each of our Halls, who support the Residential Life team.

Contacting your RLS

Details of all RLS’ will be posted in the communal hallways and in each of the kitchens so that residents are aware of who their RLS  is.

The posters include a friendly personal statement about the RLS, along with their picture and the RLS email phone number.

There is one RLS on call every night between 5-11PM and residents are welcome to contact them when it may not always be appropriate/necessary to contact Security.

The RLS telephone number is 07858300039. This number is provided on the RLS posters and displayed within the communal areas within the Halls of Residence.

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In emergencies

If you witness a crime in progress, you are a victim of crime, or see another emergency situation you should call 999.

If you want to report a matter to the Police but it is not an emergency you can call 101.

Contacting security

To contact Security, dial ext. 5599 from your room phone or by call 020 8223 5599 from a mobile.

Residential Life encourage students to contact Security out of office hours in they are experiencing any issues such as if there’s a noise complaint, or if they feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way.

If you have witnessed a crime or incident or if you have information about a crime which occurred on campus you can report it anonymously using Report and Support.

In an emergency you should call 999.

I’m locked out

Between 09:00-17:00, you can come to the Residential Life Office if you have been locked out and one of our team members will assist you.

Outside of these hours, you will need to contact Security (see above) if you have been locked out of your room, as security have master keys which will let them you into your room.

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Antisocial behaviour

Antisocial behaviour can have a big affect on your life and happiness at University, at home in Halls, and ultimately on your studies. Don’t suffer in silence.

Antisocial behaviour is conduct that is capable of causing a nuisance or annoyance to any person. The following list is examples of that behaviour. This list is not exhaustive;

  • Noise nuisance – loud parties, shouting, noise from a TV, stereo, radio
  • Eating other people's food or using their things without permission
  • Littering
  • Smoking
  • Vandalism, graffiti
  • Aggressive and threatening language and behaviour
  • Hate behaviour/crime – behaviour that targets members of identified groups because of their perceived differences (for example, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, mental health, disability, race and ethnicity).
  • Using accommodation to sell drugs from or for other unlawful purposes
  • Interfering with fire safety equipment

Many students who live in halls are here because they want to study and so they need time to concentrate.  Anything that disrupts this could be seen as antisocial behaviour by those around you.

My flatmate isn't helping to keep our kitchen or flat clean, what can I do? 

Try and talk to your flatmate(s) making them aware of the problem you are having. Having an informal chat with your flatmate may solve the problem straight away. Sometimes people don’t realise that what they are doing is a problem for others.

If the problem still persists, please inform the Residential Life team who may intervene on your behalf.

My flatmate keeps having lots of people round making it difficult for me to use the kitchen. What can I do? 

Having friends over to socialise is something common to student life in Halls across the UK. This can, unfortunately, cross the line however when this stops you from being able to do the things you want in your home.

It would be best to talk to your flatmate first about the issue and have a discussion to try and resolve this amicably. They might not realise this is a problem.

Residents are responsible for their guests and must be with them at all times. It is not permitted for guests to visit daily and use the facilities in Halls, so we would encourage you to speak to the Residential Life team.

What can I do about students being noisy at night in halls? 

You can call security and tell them about the disturbance and where it is coming from. They will ask the resident(s) to lower or turn the music down. Residential Life will then follow the complaint up the next working day.

My flatmates are using / allowing their guest to use drugs, what should I do? 

Contact Security who will inform the Residential Life team and may also contact the Police. You should also contact the Residential Life team to discuss the matter in confidence.  You may be required to make a confidential statement, stating who you saw taking the drugs and where. Residential Life will take the appropriate action. It is helpful to know as soon as this takes place so we can take the appropriate action.

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If you experience any maintenance issues within your flat, you should report them via the Maintenance Customer Portal. This can be done by scanning the QR code found on the Maintenance poster or your kitchen or by visiting Residential Life’s dedicated intranet page (Maintenance & Cleaning (sharepoint.com). If you have an urgent repair, (i.e. flooding, failure of electricity, gas etc.) outside of office hours, please contact the Security Staff who will be able to assist you.

Repairs are given a priority and the Maintenance Service Level Agreements provide the time frames for the completion of repairs. You can view the SLAs here.

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Moving rooms

Please note that room moves are subject to availability and the situation.  You may request to transfer to another room in the Residence or at another Halls of Residence but you must first:

(a) contact the Residential Life team to apply for a transfer;

(b) if a transfer is granted you will enter into a new agreement for the new accommodation; and

(c) pay to the University a £50 administration fee (this may be waived depending on the reason for the request and the evidence you supply);

(d) have complied with their obligations in the accommodation agreement in all important respects (this means not being in breach of your contract, or having paid all your rent)

You can learn more about this process on Residential Life’s dedicated Intranet page: Room Move Request (sharepoint.com).

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Making a complaint

If you are unsatisfied about something during your stay in Halls, then you may consider making a complaint.

Trying to resolve the issue informally first

The first stage of any complaint is to try and resolve the issue informally. If the issue is with Halls itself you should make the issue known to Residential Life and try and resolve this with them first. For example, if you were unhappy about  a maintenance issue, you should first ask for the repairs to be made and follow up with Residential Life.

If you have tried to resolve the matter informally but are still dissatisfied, you may consider asking for a ‘conciliatory’ meeting with Residential Life to discuss the situation. This would count as the first stage of any complaint to UEL.

Making a formal complaint

If all else has failed you can make a formal complaint through the complaints procedure. You can find information about how to do this on the Academic Advice section of this site.

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I want to leave halls or I am owed a refund

If you are in this situation it may be advisable to contact us using the contact form. However we recommend you speak to Residential Life before coming to see us.

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