Comedy night

Tuesday 05 December 2023 - 7:15pm - 10pm
West Building theatre, Docklands campus

Get ready for a night of non-stop laughter at our stand-up comedy night at Docklands campus. We've got a host of fantastic, experienced comics ready to get you laughing at this free event.

The lineup includes:

  • Philip Kostelecky (MC)
  • Adam Bloom (Headline)
  • Sam Serrano (support)
  • Antionette Morris
  • Archit Geonka

Dispelling a myth: Our shows do not involve comedians ‘picking on’ members of the audience. The comedians are professionals who are there to perform their material. Audience members can interact if they wish, but they are not forced to do so, and are not singled out if they do not wish to engage. We encourage audience members to engage because it makes for a more fun show, but it is not compulsory.